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These are legitimate, regulated telehealth services for people in the USA who want access to prescribed HRT by a medical professional. These methods of obtaining HRT are only available to people who are above the age of 18 and residing in the USA (with the exception of GenderGP).

Authors Note:

QueerDoc is cheaper than most DIY. Definitely go with them if they are available in your state. They are run by knowledgeable people and have the most up-to-date trans healthcare methods, including tailored healthcare for NB people and their HRT goals. All other of these companies are somewhat expensive, may give out less-than-ideal dosages, etc. I would personally avoid them unless you strongly prefer prescribed HRT.

If your preferred provider doesn't cover the cost of medications, check out, a completely free, no strings attached way to get coupons for prescription drugs. (Only available to people residing in America.)

QueerDoc •

QueerDoc is a new informed consent service that operates through an online telehealth model. It's only available in AK, CA, FL, ID, WA, UT, HI and WY, but they are one of the cheaper options. Starting on a sliding scale from $175 intake and $125 for every 3 month followup appointment. Queerdoc also offers services to adolescents with parental consent. They also offer things like raloxifene for transfems/AMAB nbs that wish to pursue regimens that limit or prevent breast development. Will also help you navigate referrals to surgery.

Plume •

Plume offers a legitimate path to HRT through virtual long distance healthcare if you can afford $99 a month and live in the United States. They are dedicated solely to transcare and the service is available in most states. The cost does not include the cost of prescriptions. Also offers a once-payment surgery referral letter service.

TrueUClinic •

The TrueUClinic offers a similar service. It's available in several states in the USA. Cost for the first intake appointment is $200, followup visits (every 3-6 months) is $150. Costs of prescriptions not included.

Folx •

Folx is another online HRT option similar to the above. It's available in 12 US states. For the first year, the cost is $120 a month, afterwards is $60/month. The medication will be shipped to your home.
This is a very new company. Injections and antiandrogens cost extra.

GenderGP •

GenderGP is a virtual clinic service that serves people internationally, but is very popular in the UK. Costs are variable (see image for their specified prices). The process to access HRT through GenderGP is somewhat more complicated than other virtual clinic services. They have been known to prescribe and keep people on very low doses.